Imerpium Fitness

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Imperium Fitness

Imperium Fitness is a private personal training facility on hand to provide you with the support, knowledge and accountability to achieve your goals.

Phase one

Phase one was to design and build a new website that allowed visitors and potential clients to understand what Imperium Fitness is and the services that are provided.

Phase two

Phase two consisted of designing and building a platform for clients of Imperium Fitness to access educational videos and recipes. This included a user system allowing users to sign in and create accounts.

What we did

We wanted to focus on building a website that felt like an app and was responsive. Knowing the client was going to use social media ads, there was a high chance of visitors being on mobile. This meant that the focus on responsiveness and the user experience was a priority. The initial step was to build a landing website, then the main platform for clients.


Here are some stats and images of the website before the project began (click to zoom).

Imperium Fitness before screenshot
Imperium Fitness before audit